Day Services

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What is the YODAT Day Service?

The overarching goal of YODAT is to enable people with younger onset dementia to live in their homes and communities for as long as possible. With this in mind YODAT offers a day service, twice a week, for people who have experienced dementia or cognitive impairment before the age of 65.  

The service is available to registered participants and includes a varied programme of activities and events to engage the younger person living with dementia in community focused activities.

“The day service provides structure to the person’s week, an opportunity to meet and socialise with other people in similar circumstances and to get involved in a variety of activities while having fun and exercising their brain.”

Included in the programme is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) and other activities which research shows support brain and body health for people with cognitive impairment and dementia.

The Day Service programme is led by volunteers, including health professionals, who have varied skills and experience of living and working with people with dementia.

Suitability Criteria

The YODAT Day Service is designed to suit prospective participants that meet many or all of the following criteria:

  • Dementia (mild-moderate)

  • Significant cognitive symptoms began before age 65

  • Socially withdrawn or isolated

  • Inactive, bored or disengaged from activity

  • An ability to hear in a group

  • Relatively good vision

  • Ability to concentrate for 45 minutes (group facilitator will assist)

  • Keen to attend or amenable to persuasion

  • Committed to attend all sessions twice weekly and have access to transport to get there and home.

The service is, unfortunately, not suitable for people experiencing some or all of the following:

  • Severe dementia

  • Severe hearing loss, severe visual impairment, severe physical health or frailty issues, needing to be toileted

  • Agitation, poor concentration, restlessness or an inability to settle in a group.

  • Severe challenging behaviours, which would disrupt the group process and disturb others in the sessions

  • People who are unable to attend all the sessions due to other commitments

  • People without suitable transport to get there.

Download the Day Service referral form or apply online below.